Kathmandu : The vote counting centre in Chitwan has been secured with mesh wires and CCTV cameras. It has been applied to all the vote counting booths where the votes will be counted in the three constituencies of the district.

Chief Returning Officer Ritendra Thapa said that mesh wires and CCTV cameras have been installed to tighten the security system at the vote counting station.

It may be noted the incident of tearing of the ballot paper during the counting of votes following the local level elections in 2074 is still a topic for discussion during any election. As a result, special attention is being paid to the security of the vote counting stations here.

Preparations have been made to count votes in Khaiharni Secondary School booth of Chitwan constituency No. 1 while for constituency no 2, it will be held at the exhibition center of Chitwan Industry Association, Officer Thapa said.

Similarly, counting of votes for constituency no 3 will take place at University of Agriculture and Forestry, Rampur, Chitwan.

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