Kathmandu. Timur is also known as Neem. Like neem, it is also rich in medicinal properties. Its use can reduce the problem of bad breath caused by high blood pressure.

Timur seeds are also used as wood. You can easily see its tree on the hill. Its seeds can have many health benefits. Constipation can also be relieved by using timur seeds. Today in this article we will give information about the health benefits of Timur seeds.

Benefits of Timur seeds
Constipation, indigestion and blood pressure problems can be reduced by using neem or timur seeds of the hilly areas of Nepal.

Let’s know in detail what are its benefits

1, Stops bleeding from teeth
Like neem, timur seeds can also be used to cure pyorrhea. You can make a paste from its seeds, which can be rubbed on the teeth to stop bleeding from the teeth. You can also use timur paste as a toothpaste.

2, relief from constipation
Timur seeds can be used to alleviate serious problems like constipation. Also, this seed can reduce indigestion, acidity and sour belching.

Apart from this, Timur seeds also provide relief from many other digestive problems. Timur seeds can be consumed in lukewarm water to get rid of constipation. Apart from this, chutney is made from timur seeds. Which is beneficial for health.

3, Get rid of bad breath
If you are suffering from bad breath, Timur seeds can be very beneficial for your health. It reduces bad breath and fills the breath with fragrance. You can chew timur seeds like mint to reduce bad breath, it also tastes like mint. By doing this, the smell of the mouth is reduced. Consuming its seeds daily can reduce bad breath from the gums.

4, Reduces blemishes
Timur seeds can be used to reduce scars. It has antiseptic properties. which can prevent the wound from growing. To use it, grind timur seeds and make a powder or paste. Now apply it on the affected part. This will reduce the marks of the injury. Also, the wound can heal quickly.

5. Control blood pressure
Blood pressure can be controlled by using timur seeds. This seed is considered to be a very good source of potassium, which can control high blood pressure. Besides, its thorny pieces act as acupuncture for you, which is effective in controlling blood pressure.

Many health related problems can be eliminated by using timur seeds. However, if you are using its seeds for the first time, consult an expert.

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