Kathmandu, Sept 3 . Prime Minister and Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba has said government had prioritized quality health service.

At a programme organized by the NC’s well wisher organization, Democratic Doctors’ Association, at Lainchaur today, PM Deuba reminded that constitution had guaranteed the health and education as fundamental rights to the citizens.

“Health sector has special role on building prosperous Nepal, so government has allocated adequate budget to health,” PM Deuba said, adding that proper management of resources is equally important to ensure quality health service.

According to the PM, doctors played significant role during the COVID-19 crisis. People’s access and affordability to medical education is another priority, Deuba viewed.

Moreover, the PM said government had continued efforts to guarantee quality health service to the people in rural areas.

On a different note, PM Deuba viewed the Association could help in creating people’s favour for NC in the coming election. The elections to the provincial and federal parliaments will be held in a free and fair atmosphere.

Similarly, Vice President Dhanraj Gurung recalled that every political movement was led by Nepali Congress and it will lead the campaign of prosperous Nepal as well. For it to happen, NC must be ensured victory in the coming election.

NC leader Sekhar Koirala, however, complained that government had not prioritized health sector. “Government has allocated only 5.75 percent of the total budget to health sector, which is too little,” he buttressed, underscoring the need for augmenting budget for health and education for country’s prosperity.

Former general secretary of the party, Dr Sashank Koirala, urged the Democratic Doctors’ Association to play a constructive role to ensure health service to the rural people.

Association Chairperson Dr Lochan Karki requested the party leadership to provide space to the doctors who had played important role on different movements.

The Association was established in 2066BS. It has been working for the rights of doctors. (RSS):

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